We are working on new project to helping homeless peoples so if you wanna be part with us contact us in contact us form to ! We are working on new project to helping homeless peoples so if you wanna be part with us contact us in contact us form

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Who We are


Barzani Charity Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization which was founded in 2005 in Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Mr Masrour Barzani is the head of BCF’s board of founders.

Barzani Charity Foundation has been named after the legendary Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani (1903 -1979). The working philosophy of the foundation is based on a statement by Barzani which says “It is an honor to serve one’s own people.” Therefore, people or humanity make the center for the BCF’s humanitarian work. For that, where there is a need for humanitarian assistance, the BCF considers its own responsibility to help.

Our Mission

The overall humanitarian efforts we make and the assistance we provide to the different categories of the society on a daily basis serve as a philanthropist message — a message of saving humanity from sufferings and hardships. Meanwhile, it is message of the culture of giving, coexistence and responding to humanitarian emergencies. We aim to spread the message for which the BCF has been founded. Humanity is the centre of the BCF’s humanitarian work. Therefore, where there is a need for humanitarian assistance, the BCF takes the responsibility to help.

Our Vission

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) has a comprehensive vision towards all the issues and predicaments facing the humanity.

We endeavor to be at the forefront of helping humanity on a regional and global level by providing all types of assistance to IDPs, refugees and the low-income people from the host community. We exert ultimate efforts to offer best service to the vulnerable persons affected by conflicts or natural disasters under the slogan “It‘s an honor for a man to serve his own people.”

What we do

The BCF provides humanitarian assistance to IDPs, refugees
and host communities in (11) different sectors


This sector has been one of the main working sectors of the BCF which provides dry food, ready meals, milk and drinking water.


This sector covers household items, clothes, fuel, tents, cash assistance, etc.


This sector mostly helps IDPs and refugees in camps, providing them with WASH-related packages, cleaning tools, awareness campaigns, etc.


This sector provides school supplies to students and schools, employing teachers for schools as well as offering educational and language courses.

Disabled care

This sector provides various mobility aids to the people with special needs and offers training courses on how to utilize the equipment.

Orphan Care

This sector registers orphans and provides them with financial assistance.


This sector offers courses in areas of awareness, law, safety, emergency, psychology, etc.


This sector is tasked with building health centers, employment of physicians, providing medical supplies and equipment, offering health care awareness courses, vaccination, etc.)


This sector offers livelihood and vocational courses, including tailoring, computer, beautification, cash for work project and others.

Special Projects

This sector conducts joint projects with charitable organizations and people. It includes construction and renovation of buildings, health centers, schools, electrical cables installation, providing drinking water, etc.


This sector is tasked with establishing relations with humanitarian organizations and collecting data about the camp inhabitants and their numbers.









Our Sponsors

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