Our operations

Greece : Helping refugees in Greece .

Serbia: Building a mobile school for refugees in Serbia and providing them with assistance.

Syria: Delivering assistance to the cities of Kobane, Gre Spi Sari Kani and Qamishlo

Central and Southern Iraq: Delivering food and non-food assistance to the 2013 flood-affected people in southern Iraq in Kut and Diwaniyah cities.

The BCF also delivered 100,000 packs of drinking water to Basra population suffering from lack of clean water.

Van Province in Turkey: Building a residential complex of 500 caravans in Van Province in 2010 after a strong earthquake hit the province.

Suruc: Delivering assistance to Syrian refugees in Suruc and Urfa in Turkey.

Slopi: Delivering ready meals and 9,000 blankets by Turkish trucks in winter 2016 during the blockage of the Iraq-Turkey Road due the fighting between Turkey and the PKK.

H. Kurdistan Region and Northern Iraq