Volunteering Duty & Rights


The duties of a volunteer in Barzani Charity Foundation

1. Each volunteer has to read the Volunteering Management and Operational Policy carefully and agrees to its terms.

2. The volunteers undertake the duties assigned to them by the BCF administration and each volunteer’s skills and expertise will be considered when they are assigned to a task.

3. The volunteer needs to believe in the principles of the humanitarian work.

4. The volunteer needs to have a courteous and amiable personality and respect all categories of the society and their different views.

5. The volunteer has to remain committed to his/her contract with the BCF.

The Volunteers Rights in the BCF

1. All volunteers will be treated with respect and gratitude for their contribution to the foundation’s humanitarian operations.

2. The commitment to the cultural diversity, equal opportunity and gender equality principles of the BCF will be followed.

3. The BCF will provide all volunteers with appropriate training and equipment they need to undertake their duties.

4. Upon the completion of their task, the volunteers will be awarded the certificates of appreciation for their work in a ceremony attended the head of the BCF or senior official from the foundation.

5. All volunteers will be offered appropriate information and training to prepare them for their functions. Successful completion of this training will be a condition of carrying out their voluntary tasks.

6. All volunteers will receive appropriate supervision when exercising their functions throughout their engagement with the BCF.

7. Upon the completion of their task, and if a satisfactory mark was noted for individual volunteers, the volunteers may apply for a job, if there are vacancies in the foundation or in any other programs run by the foundation.

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What We Do?

The BCF provides humanitarian assistance to IDPs, refugees
and host communities in (11) different sectors


This sector has been one of the main working sectors of the BCF which provides dry food, ready meals, milk and drinking water.


BCF provides everyday needs, including kitchen supplies, bedding, heating devices, air cooling equipment, clothing, etc. to the people in need.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector includes the provision of drinking water to the affected areas, establishing water networks and sewers, building water closets, organizing cleaning campaigns, raising cleaning awareness and distributing hygiene supplies.


This sector is tasked with building and renovating schools, providing school supplies to the students, spreading awareness and assisting educators and students to continue their education.

Cash Assistance

The orphan care project which provides monthly cash assistance to more than 20,000 orphans began in 2012 and is ongoing. This sector also provides financial assistance to the families led by widowed mothers.


The foundation runs 19 vocational and cultural centers which provide training to hundreds of people in computer programs, sewing, food production, handicraft, etc. BCF also runs the project of Cash for Work in undertaking its projects.


BCF builds and renovates health centers, provides medical supplies, organizes self-protection awareness and building mobile clinics. It also runs an ongoing project to provide wheelchairs to the individuals with special needs.


This sector focuses on protecting women and children through the BCF‘s centres inside and outside the camps and raising social awareness against social problems and violence.

Camp Management & Coordination

The BCF took over the management of the first camp in Erbil Province in 2014 and it has, ever since, managed 14 camps of IDPs and refugees. The foundation also takes part in the meetings on the camp management and coordination in the camps.


It covers the areas of building camps, renovating houses in the war-affected areas, distribution of tents and building large halls for sheltering IDPs and refugees.

Special Projects

Special Projects include erecting and renovating buildings, installing power cables, building houses, halls and cultural centres, and others.


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